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Everything you need to know about poblano peppers, you will find it here. How to use them, how to cut them, how to roast them, etc. But most importantly, you will find many delicious and perfect recipes to enjoy.

Fresh chile poblanos
In Spanish, poblano peppers are called chile poblano.


It is a pepper believed to have been cultivated for the first time in Puebla, Mexico. It is very common in Mexican dishes and in the southern part of the United States.

They are more or less the size of bell pepper but much thinner and pointy like jalapeños. You can get them in many places, and they are very cheap. In truth, they are one of my favorite chili peppers.

How do poblano peppers taste?

Poblano peppers have the same flavor notes as green peppers but with a kick of heat. When you cook the chiles, the heat goes down a lot, but the spicy and slightly smoky flavor remains, giving a boost of flavor to your dish. To give you an idea, a poblano pepper is less spicy than a jalapeño pepper and slightly spicer than a green bell pepper.

Sliced and halfed chiles poblanos

are poblano peppers hot?

They are not very spicy, so you can prepare them in many ways: cooked, raw, or roasted.

Poblano peppers are mildly spicy; they are similar to Anaheim chili peppers. They are spicier than bell peppers, which would be a great substitution if you want anything less spicy.

Poblano peppers are less spicy than jalapeños. But in the end, their spiciness varies depending on their varietal, harvest time, or even the geographical place they were planted and harvested.

Here is the Scoville Scale:

How to cook with poblano peppers?

  • Raw. You can put them in a tomatillo sauce instead of jalapeno peppers.
  • Roasted. This is the most common way you find poblano peppers in recipes. There are two ways to grill or roast them; the first is on the stove, and the second is in the oven. If you decide to cook them, leave them until they are entirely roasted and evenly charred.
  • Rajas. The other way, also quite common, is to cut them in half, fill them, and then cook. Or also cut them into slices and then cook them in a stew, in a soup or make rajas with crema.

To sweat or not to sweat?

What is sweating a poblano pepper? To sweat a poblano pepper is to put it in a plastic or silicone bag just after roasting it to make the burned peel easier to remove.

You can also put it in a glass or ceramic bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. This releases steam, which in turn makes the pepper easier to peel.

How to peel a poblano pepper?

I do not peel my poblano peppers after cooking them. You can scrape the skin off with a knife or wash it under running water to peel it. If you don’t want to peel it, don’t; the burnt flavor of the chili is vibrant.


The chile ancho  is a dry ripe poblano chili. 

When the poblano peppers mature, they turn almost completely red. When they get to this point they dry them to become ancho peppers.

Frequently asked questions

Are poblano peppers very hot and spicy? No, they are not; they are mild and with lots of flavor.

What are some alternatives to Poblano Peppers that aren’t as hot but still have a similar taste/texture? You could substitute with green bell pepper.

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