roasted cauliflower tacos

Roasted cauliflower tacos with crunchy chipotle slaw

About this recipe What could be more delicious than tacos? And now imagine tacos full of flavor, crunchy texture, delicious, and super nutritious. I could eat these cauliflower tacos every day and every time. These tacos are also super easy to make, and you hardly make a mess in the

A white bowl with a salad in it drizzled with cilantro dressing.

vegan cilantro dressing, pure magic

This vegan cilantro dressing is creamy, delicious, low-carb, and both dairy-free and oil-free. I used it as a finishing touch for a Latin flavor profile salad, but it’s also great for tacos, grains, Buddha bowls, and more. You can even add a splash of it to your favorite meals to

Mexican Christmas salad

Authentic Mexican Christmas Salad

Discover the charm of traditional Mexican Christmas Eve food (some families call it Ensalada Nochoebuena) with this simple yet delightful salad recipe. A favorite in my household and many others across Mexico, this salad combines crunchy textures with tart flavors, creating a perfect accompaniment to your holiday feasts. Celebrating Christmas

A plate of kale salad with apples and pomegranate.

Autumn Harvest Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad with Apple and Pomegranate

This vibrant Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad is not just perfect; it’s a celebration in a bowl! Bursting with festive colors and flavors. Each bite is a delightful mix of crunchy greens, sweet apples, and ruby-red pomegranate seeds, creating a dish that’s as delicious as it is visually stunning. It’s

Brussels sprouts salad with avocado and salt.

Perfect Brussels Sprouts Salad with Lime dressing

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, you’ve come to the right place! This is the salad brussels sprouts salad with lime dressing is the best. About this recipe This is not a boring, flavorless salad that will make you long

Roasted romaine lettuce with tahini dressing. Vegan grilled romaine salad.

Roasted romaine lettuce with tahini dressing

If you have never tried roasted romaine lettuce, you are missing out on a delicious and nutritious culinary experience. This recipe is perfect for those looking to try a different salad full of flavor. It is also very easy to prepare and the tahini dressing is wonderful. About this recipe

purple cabbage

Asian-inspired Red cabbage salad

This delicious red cabbage salad with Asian-inspired flavors is sure to put a smile on your face. Its explosion of flavor with every bite and numerous health benefits make it a great dish to enjoy on its own or as a side with your favorite Asian cuisine. Why will you

A simple jar of mustard.

Once a week simple vinaigrette

Every week, I make a tasty vinaigrette in my meal planning routine. My family loves it and it’s a great way to add flavor to any dish. This simple vinaigrette goes well with salads, roasted vegetables, and grilled proteins and helps us reach our healthy eating goals. What is a

asian inspird noodle salad 21 3

Asian-Inspired Noodle Salad with Spicy Cashew Dressing

Super easy and DANGEROUSLY GOOD. You’ll love the Asian-Inspired Noodle Salad with Spicy Cashew Dressing. The Perfect Vegan Salad When people think of salads, they often imagine a bowl of leafy greens. But salads can be so much more than that, especially when you’re following a vegan diet. This Asian-Inspired

The best classic panzanella

About this recipe Tuscan cuisine has a true treasure in its midst – Panzanella. This dish is a perfect blend of simplicity, freshness, and unforgettable flavors. Despite its humble origins, it is an absolutely delicious treat.. This delightful tomato and bread salad is evidence that with basic ingredients, one can