Work with me


My mission is to communicate that healthy living can be delicious and easy. As a bicultural and bilingual woman, I communicate through my social media platforms and blog on issues that affect us as a family and individuals. My recipes and lifestyle philosophy resonate with Americans, U.S.Latinos and Hispanic women all over the world.
I am determined to leave a healthier world and a better place to my kids and why not in also to my  grandkids.

Thanks for stopping by, I love working with brands that align with my passion and values.

Here are some ideas on which we could work together, but if you have another one, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

-Freelance writing and editorials.

-Sponsored posts.

-Brand ambassadorship.

-Recipe development.

-Food styling and photography.

-Conference attendance.

-Giveaways, product and book reviews.


Hope to hear from you soon, if you want to see my media kit please send a direct message to: