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All about Baked sweet potatoes

I bake sweet potatoes each week after grocery shopping for their versatility—perfect for soups, baked dishes, or even ramen. About sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes have long been a staple in many cuisines worldwide. Not only are they delicious, but they also boast numerous health benefits and a wide range of

how to cut papaya

Papaya: How to cut, choose and enjoy

All About papaya Are you looking for delicious and nutritious fruit to add to your diet? Look no further than papaya! This delicious tropical fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can benefit your health in many ways. What does papaya Taste like? Papaya is known for


All About Leeks

Leeks, you gotta love ’em! These belong to the onion family, along with your typical onions and garlic. But unlike onions, leeks have a milder taste that can add a ton of flavor to your dishes. They’re like the secret weapon in your kitchen, know what I mean? What’s great

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All about asparagus

Asparagus is a nutrient-dense vegetable enjoyed for its unique taste and many health benefits for centuries. Types of asparagus There are three main types of asparagus: green, white, and purple. Green asparagus is the most common type and is usually available in grocery stores year-round. White asparagus is grown underground

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Plantains (platanos macho)

What are Plantains? Plantains are a type of tropical fruit that is closely related to bananas. They have thicker skin and are typically larger than bananas. They are a staple food in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Plantains in Mexican

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How to substitute eggs on a vegan diet

Vegan eggs are plant-based alternatives to traditional eggs made from ingredients such as tofu, chickpea flour, or mung bean protein. They can be used in various dishes, such as scrambles, omelets, and baked goods. Best egg substitutions The best plant-based eggs: our top picks Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t mean



Tomatillos, also known as “husk tomatoes,” are a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine. They are small, green fruits related to tomatoes and have a slightly tart and tangy flavor. Tomatillos have a special place in my heart and my fridge (you will always find some). What are tomatillos? Tomatillos are

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What is masa harina?

Learn about the traditional Mexican ingredient, Masa Harina. Discover its different colors, uses, and benefits.

chile de arbol

Chile de Arbol, Mexican chile

Chile de Arbol is a small, thin Mexican hot chili pepper, typically red. The peppers are naturally dried, and can be used whole, crushed, or ground. What is chile de arbol? Chile de Arbol is a Mexican type of red chili pepper that is commonly used in many dishes, especially