Meal Plan, week 1

I am convinced that one of the easiest ways to start eating better is to know what we will eat. I must confess that I am not a fan of preparing and eating a dish all week. But I like having certain legumes and grains ready in the refrigerator, some sauces, and vinaigrettes.

The recipes are easy to make; you can make them in less than 30 minutes, most are nutritious, and all are plant-based. I’m also going to add the occasional sauce, vinaigrettes, juices, smoothies, or drinks so that everything is well-balanced.😉

MONDAY: Since it is weekly 1 of the year, we all need green juice to start the week well.

tasty green juice

TUESDAY: A good magical and healing chicken soup without chicken to start returning to normal after eating too much at parties.

WEDNESDAY, having salsa verde in the refrigerator can be the perfect solution for making mushroom taquitos in salsa verde super fast.

Mushrooms in green sauce for tacos

THURSDAY, a simple broccoli creamy soup will make us feel wonderful through the end of the week.

vegan brocoli soup

FRIDAY: Fridays are more relaxed in my house, and we don’t have a schedule; these days, I love to eat pasta or more indulging dishes. The vegan vodka pasta is a blast!

vegan vodka sauce

SATURDAY, Have you tried enfrijoladas? They are amazing and perfect for a slow weekend day breakfast.

Mexican enfrijoladas
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