spiced apple and thyme muffins

Apple and thyme muffins

Yes, I know, it is not a common combination for a muffin, but I hope you try these apple and thyme muffins. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them very much. Just think about it, apples and thyme are a match made in heaven. They work perfectly well in savory dishes,

Better chocolate chip cookies made with real ingredients. Vegan cookies

Better chocolate chip cookies

Probably you are wondering why I named this cookies better chocolate chip cookies. It is because of the ingredients I used to make them. Probably you are wondering why I named this cookies better chocolate chip cookies. It is because of the ingredients I used to make them. These banana

Granola clusters cookies, vegan.

Granola clusters cookies

These granola clusters cookies are made in partnership with ONE DEGREE ORGANICS, a favorite brand of mine that I can truly recommend. I don’t know why I never thought about this. Making granola clusters is so easy and delicious I believe every house should have them. You can use them as

Recipe for vegan lime macaroons

Mexican cocadas

Mexican cocadas are a type of traditional dessert that is very popular throughout the country, especially in coastal areas where coconut is abundant. This coconut-based sweet may vary a little in its recipe depending on the region, but it is generally characterized by its softness and sweetness. About this recipe

Raw vegan cheesecake. Receta de pay vegano de queso con frambuesa y costra de chocolate.

Raw vegan cheesecake with raspberries and red beet crystals

Can you imagine making a vegan cheesecake filled with amazing nutrients and great flavor? It sounds crazy, right?? But I promise you it is not, this cheesecake is very easy to prepare and it is nutrient loaded. It’s made with raw cashews, raspberries, and red beet crystals, among other ingredients.

Mousse de limón hecho con aguacate, limón, crema de coco.Vegan lime pudding, five minute healthy and easy dessert.

Vegan lime pudding

This recipe for this vegan lime pudding is so easy and simple you’ll learn it and prepare it every time that sweet tooth attack comes in your way. First I have to confess we eat between 10 and 15 avocados a week. Yeap! We are five here at home and

Receta de nieve de chocolate con solo 4 ingredientes. 4 ingredient vegan chocolate ice-cream.

4 ingredient vegan chocolate ice-cream

This recipe for 4 ingredient vegan chocolate ice-cream is the only recipe you’ll ever need when you are in need of a sweet treat. You can prepare it with an ice-cream maker or without it. This is the easiest 4 ingredient vegan chocolate ice-cream of the W-O-R-L-D!!! It does not

poached pears

Poached pears in red wine

My friend Pilar, from the blog En mi cocina hoy, made this book with her friends from Chile. It is beautiful, full of gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes. I chose to show this recipe as it is elegant enough for this time of year but super easy. It is the kind

marshmellows with dark chocolate

Marshmallows with dark chocolate and smashed candy cane

  This idea, in my mind, was the perfect gift for my kids teachers. I thought that they should make them with me so the gift was something extra special. I had it all well planned but didn’t count on my kids making one and eating one. So by the

S’MORES Banana boats

In this post, we’ll guide you step by step through creating these tasty treats. From ingredient selection to cooking tips, we have everything you need to make your S’more Banana Boats a resounding success. This is one of my favorite summer treats, let me tell you why. About this recipe