beet juice

Beet juice with carrots, pear and lemon juice

This beet juice is rich, delicious, and one of my favorite recipes. It is the perfect juice to start the day with or as a mid-afternoon treat if you are hungry or need a little lift. This juice has beets, carrots, and pears. About this recipe The benefits of each

quinoa and lentil salad 5

Vegan Lassi

Mango lassi is a smooth, sweet mixture of yogurt, ripe mangoes, and sometimes a touch of spices. It is like summer is bottled in every glass, with the sweet tropical flavor of mango and the refreshing creaminess of yogurt. This is the vegan version. What is mango lassi? Mango lassi

celery juice 18

Celery Juice: Discover its Properties and Benefits

Kickstart your day with a glass of celery juice! Discover how this ‘miracle juice’ can boost your health and give a new spin to your morning routine. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and how to prepare it at home! Why celery? You may be curious about why

strawberry smoothie 3

Creamy, delicious strawberry smoothie with cauliflower

This strawberry smoothie cauliflower is full of very nutritious and good-for-us ingredients. It’s a smoothie with a secret ingredient, well not so secret, it’s cauliflower. About this recipe If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious option to start your day, a strawberry smoothie with frozen cauliflower might be just