A jar of homemade enchilada sauce and a spoon next to it.

Easy homemade enchilada sauce

This simple recipe for homemade enchilada sauce is the only one you’ll need. It’s a great fridge staple that allows you to quickly make healthy and delicious Mexican dishes. This vegan recipe allows you to adjust the spiciness to your liking. About this recipe This easy homemade enchilada sauce recipe

salsa de toamte

Delicious Homemade Tomato Sauce (oven Recipe)

Want a mouth-watering homemade tomato sauce? Try this easy oven recipe! It’s perfect for pasta, soups, and any dish with canned tomatoes. Make it ahead and enjoy it anytime! About this recipe Tomato sauce, regardless of origin, begins with fresh tomatoes and adds versatile flavors for global cuisine. Why make

mexican pickled jalapenos

Mexican pickled jalapenos (chiles en Vinagre)

Whenever I taste Mexican chiles en vinagre, pickled jalapeños, I’m always amazed by how they can instantly elevate the flavor profile of any dish they’re added to. With just a few slices of these tangy peppers, you can add a punch of heat and acidity that perfectly complements the other

refried beans,instant pot refried beans

Instant Pot refried beans

Here’s an effortless recipe to prepare vegan, creamy, and delicious Mexican instant pot refried beans. In no time at all, you’ll be savoring refried beans! About this recipe Seeing my children’s excitement when they discover refried beans in the refrigerator is always a joy. They enjoy having taquitos, sopes, or

mexican salsa with zucchini 40

Zucchini Salsa Recipe (salsa taquera)

This is the recipe for the famous salsa taquera with a special ingredient: zucchini! You can find this zucchini salsa in many taquerias in Mexico, and I must confess that I thought the salsa was made with avocado for many years. About this recipe Mexican salsa is an essential element

spicy cashew dressing 11

Spicy cashew Dressing (trader Joe’s copycat)

If Trader Joe’s is out of reach, or if you’re just a fan of homemade dressings, making your spicy cashew dressing is easier than you might think. Start with a base of raw cashews, sriracha for heat, a squeeze of lime for tanginess, maple syrup for sweetness, and some soy

golden milk mix 4

Golden milk spice mix

Discover the magic of blending spices to make golden milk: an ancient drink with incredible health benefits. This spice blend is perfect for golden milk, golden coffee, or golden milkshake. What is golden milk? Golden milk is a traditional drink that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for

italina salad 7

Homemade Italian dressing

Italian dressing is one of the most popular dressings worldwide and is known for its fresh and delicious taste. It is a mixture of herbs, olive oil, vinegar, and garlic. About this recipe Olive oil is the base of this dressing and is used to provide a smooth and velvety

vegan dragon fruit bowl 24

Homemade Italian Spice Mix

In this post, I’ll tell you how to make an Italian spice mix so you can use it in pizzas, pasta dishes, dressings, etc. So good! About this recipe Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its delicious flavors and aromas. It is one of the most popular cuisines in the

tomatillo chipotle salsa

Roasted tomatillo chipotle salsa

This tomatillo and chipotle salsa is the perfect sauce for those days when you need an easy, delicious, and perfect Mexican salsa. About this recipe The Mexican chipotle tomatillo salsa is a delicious combination of spicy and smoky flavors typical of Mexican cuisine. With its acidic and slightly sweet taste,