creamy poblano soup

Creamy poblano soup with adobo Mexican crumbles

This recipe is for the best creamy poblano soup. This soup is silky, delicious, and topped with Adobo Mexican Crumbles croutons. This soup is filled with Mexican flavors, and it is perfect for any occasion, especially when it is cold outside or you want to impress friends and family with

three bean chili

Vegan THREE BEAN CHILI, quick & easy

You will have dinner in under 20 minutes with this quick vegan three-bean chili. It is super fast to make and one of my favorite soups. This recipe is a lifesaver for busy days, rainy days, and the day before you go grocery shopping when you have nothing left in

Receta de sopa de pasta y verduras mexicana.Healthy Mexican pasta and veggies soup

Healthy Mexican pasta soup with veggies soup

This healthy Mexican pasta soup with veggies soup is a must in every Mexican home. It is the kind of soup that heals, nourishes, and makes everyone happy. Best of all you can make this Mexican soup with what you have in the fridge and have it on the table


Pho with zucchini noodles

This pho recipe is easy, delicious and with nutritional superpowers. I spend my whole weekend with my daughters at their soccer tournament. I saw a total of eight…yes, EIGHT soccer games. By the last game, I was so confused, I couldn’t tell who was winning, or losing or what team