Mexican Chickpea soup, garbanzo soup

About this Mexican garbanzo soup This Mexican chickpea soup (garbanzo soup) is the kind of soup that makes you feel good. This soup will bring you back to life whenever you need a boost. This vegan garbanzo bean soup is healthy, easy to prepare, and loved by my family. This

green split pea soups


This split pea soup recipe is far from ordinary. Filled with Persian flavors and fresh herbs, it’s the perfect comforting meal for a chilly evening. You can prepare it easily in an Instant Pot, a crockpot, or on the stovetop. This vegan soup also freezes well for future meals. Enjoy

Two bowls of vegan noodle soup with lemon.

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

This vegan chicken noodle soup is a real lifesaver, trust me. It’s made with veggie broth, pasta, veggies, and vegan chicken, so it’s the perfect food to wolf down when you’re feeling under the weather with a cold or the flu. About this recipe I find this vegan chicken noodle

A bowl of cauliflower soup with croutons.

Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Soup

Are you searching for a tasty and nutritious recipe that lets you savor the flavors guilt-free? Look no further than this fantastic cauliflower soup that will make you forget about bland and unappetizing soups. This soup is not only creamy and delicious but also incredibly easy to make. About this

red bell pepper and tomato soup 5

Roasted red pepper and tomato soup

This roasted red pepper and tomato soup is delicious, vegan, and easy to make. This soup is easy to prepare and is perfect for a cozy dinner or a quick meal on a cold day. Red pepper tomato soup How to make Roasted red pepper and tomato soup? In a

Black bean soup with masa harina dumplings

This black bean soup with masa harina dumplings (chochoyotes) is one of the easiest and most delicious soups you can imagine. It is full of flavor and is one of my family’s favorites. Each masa dumpling is a flavor moment in your mouth; you have to try it, and you’ll

Vegan Pasta E Fagioli soup (Italian Soup)

This Italian pasta e Fagioli soup is a vegetable, pasta, and bean soup; it is one of the most comforting and delicious soups there can be. It is a perfect vegetable soup for a rainy afternoon or days when your body asks you to eat delicious and healthy. ABOUT THIS

Mexican lentil soup, Sopa de lentejas

This recipe for Mexican lentil soup is an authentic Mexican recipe. It is a delicious, one-pot over stove recipe and straightforward to prepare. This vegan lentil soup is full of flavor and plant protein and is one of my kids’ favorites. About this recipe This lentil Soup is the perfect

Perfect vegan Split PEA SOUP

This perfect vegan split pea soup recipe is a classic soup I’ve been eating all my life; it is very easy to make, nutritious, and packed with vegetables and vegan protein, and it’s also perfect for cold winter days. It is one of the favorite soups in my house, along

corn chowder

Poblano Corn chowder, vegan recipe

This easy vegan poblano corn chowder combines poblano peppers, corn, potatoes, and seasonings. This poblano potato corn chowder is a dream; each spoonful is loaded with flavors and textures you will love. About this recipe This poblano corn chowder is one of my favorite soups ever. It is a hearty