A jar of homemade enchilada sauce and a spoon next to it.

Easy homemade enchilada sauce

This simple recipe for homemade enchilada sauce is the only one you’ll need. It’s a great fridge staple that allows you to quickly make healthy and delicious Mexican dishes. This vegan recipe allows you to adjust the spiciness to your liking. About this recipe This easy homemade enchilada sauce recipe

flautas de papa

Vegan flautas (potato taquitos)

Flautas, also known as taquitos, are rolled corn tortillas stuffed with various fillings. This classic Mexican dish is usually deep-fried and served with lettuce, crema, and salsa. Here’s a recipe for vegan potato flautas. About this recipe These crunchy potato tacos, also known as flautas in Mexico, are a favorite

mexican tacos

Frijoles puercos (vegan recipe)

What are frijoles puercos? You can think of them as extra-loaded and spicy refried beans with chorizo, jalapeños, and melty cheese. I know this is the weirdest name, but it is a dish I grew up with and have always loved. About this recipe Frijoles puercos (piggy beans in English)


Healthy Mexican burritos (vegan recipe)

This healthy and super easy vegan Mexican burritos recipe is filled with brown rice and black beans mixed with a fantastic chipotle enchilada sauce, greens, and guacamole. This recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. why we love this recipe This is probably the healthiest and easiest burrito you’ll

The best recipe for vegan mole enchiladas.

Vegan mole enchiladas

What are enmoladas? Enmoladas are a type of enchilada. It is a typical Mexican dish where a corn tortilla filled with beans, chicken, cheese, meat, or plantain is bathed with mole sauce. They are finished with sesame seeds, sliced onion, Mexican crema, and queso fresco. This recipe for plantain enmoladas

Vegan enchiladas with lentils

Vegan Enchiladas with Lentils and sweet potato

This recipe for vegan enchiladas with lentils, sweet potatoes, and a delicious chile ancho and tomato sauce are the perfect recipe for the days when you have to eat super fast or have a craving for Mexican healthy food. My love for enchiladas grew since we moved to Austin; before

zucchini tacos

Zucchini tacos with red cabbage and salsa verde

These zucchini tacos with red cabbage and salsa verde are delicious, healthy, full of unexpected textures and flavors. Most of all, they come together so fast and are perfect for lunch or dinner. Make them with corn or flour tortillas; either way, they will be perfect. In Mexico, we eat

Black bean and mole burgers recipe. Easy, delicious and vegan.

Black bean burger with mole and grilled pineapple

Not all vegan burgers are boring and tasteless. These black bean burgers with mole and grilled pineapple are a total flavor surprise. They are straightforward to prepare and very flavorful. You really have to stop doing everything you’re doing and rush to make these bean burgers. I promise you that

loaded sweet potatoes

Healthy Mexican loaded sweet potatoes with lentils in salsa verde

This is one of my favorite recipes ever, healthy Mexican loaded sweet potatoes. Do you like sweet potatoes? I think nobody will argue with me that sweet potatoes are an amazing powerhouse of nutrients. Each bite we take fills us with vitamins, minerals and super good stuff for our body.