Red salsa served in a traditional stone bowl with crispy tortilla chips.

Red salsa molcajeteada (salsa de molcajete)

This recipe for salsa de molcajete is a guide for you to use and make the salsa of your dreams. There is nothing more Mexican than an excellent red salsa molcajeteada. This salsa is perfect for adding texture and flavor to chips or Mexican dishes. The recipe is mild, but

Two jars of homemade pumpkin puree sitting on a table.

Easy Homemade pumpkin puree

I enjoy using pumpkin in my cooking for its unique flavor and nutritional benefits. This post provides an easy recipe to make homemade pumpkin puree. Why make homemade pumpkin puree? I confess this is my first time making pumpkin puree at home. It was surprisingly easy and I can’t believe

how to cut papaya

Papaya: How to cut, choose and enjoy

All About papaya Are you looking for delicious and nutritious fruit to add to your diet? Look no further than papaya! This delicious tropical fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can benefit your health in many ways. What does papaya Taste like? Papaya is known for

garlic cloves in jar with oil

How to Make Perfect Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic has become more and more popular as of late, and rightly so; it’s delicious! It can also be used in many different dishes, from appetizers to entrees, to soups and salads. Here’s how to make perfect roasted garlic every time! How to choose the perfect head of garlic

Homemade vegetable broth from scraps, an easy way

There is no wrong way to make homemade vegetable broth from scraps; it always comes out delicious and is a great way to use whole veggies. Also, ensuring that you get the maximum amount of flavor and utility out of the food you eat is a great way to ensure

How to cut onions, the best way

Onion, garlic, and shallots are all part of the allium family. Allium means “garlic” in Latin, including garlic, shallots, onions, leeks, ramps, chives, and scallions. In this post, I will show you how to onions fast and easily, so you can have them ready to cook your favorite meals. How

How do I use my Instant Pot?

In this post, you’ll find some of the best ways to use your Instant Pot. You’ll find some of my favorite recipes, ways to use Instant Pots, and life-changing tips and tricks. One question I get asked pretty often is whether it is worth buying an Instant Pot. But before

Cuadritos de tofu crujiente en un plato

Crispy tofu

Looking for a satisfying vegan-friendly meal with the perfect crunch? Prepare this delicious Crispy Tofu that you can serve with white rice, fried rice, and other tasty sides. What Is Tofu and What Does It Taste Like? Tofu is a vegan-friendly ingredient composed primarily of condensed soy milk. It is

Easy vegan instant pot mashed potatoes

This is the easiest mashed potato you can get; it is an Instant Pot recipe, totally vegan and full of flavor. After trying this recipe for easy vegan instant pot mashed potato, you will not want to prepare any other; you will see the minute you try this fluffy, buttery,