jugo verde con limón y apio a un lado

how to make tasty green juice

This is my favorite green juice recipe; I call it tasty green juice or jugo verde perfecto, as we say it in Spanish. Because, let’s be honest, not every green juice is good or tastes fantastic. You must have the best ingredients and ingredient combinations to make them delicious! And

Ensalada mediterranea

10-min Perfect Mediterranean navy bean salad

This 10-min perfect Mediterranean white bean salad is fantastic to take to a picnic on the beach or anywhere else. It’s ready in 10 minutes! This salad is ideal for days craving something fresh, healthy, and quick. why are you GOING TO LovE THIS WHITE BEAN SALAD I am sure you’ll

mediterranean cauliflower salad

Mediterranean cauliflower salad

Madly in love with this Mediterranean cauliflower salad, it could also be called a healthy Mediterranean salad, vegan cauliflower salad, or raw cauliflower salad. Any way you want to call it, I’m pretty sure you are going to love it. Why will you love this raw cauliflower salad? Let me