A jar of homemade enchilada sauce and a spoon next to it.

Easy homemade enchilada sauce

This simple recipe for homemade enchilada sauce is the only one you’ll need. It’s a great fridge staple that allows you to quickly make healthy and delicious Mexican dishes. This vegan recipe allows you to adjust the spiciness to your liking. About this recipe This easy homemade enchilada sauce recipe

Red salsa served in a traditional stone bowl with crispy tortilla chips.

Red salsa molcajeteada (salsa de molcajete)

This recipe for salsa de molcajete is a guide for you to use and make the salsa of your dreams. There is nothing more Mexican than an excellent red salsa molcajeteada. This salsa is perfect for adding texture and flavor to chips or Mexican dishes. The recipe is mild, but

salsa de toamte

Delicious Homemade Tomato Sauce (oven Recipe)

Want a mouth-watering homemade tomato sauce? Try this easy oven recipe! It’s perfect for pasta, soups, and any dish with canned tomatoes. Make it ahead and enjoy it anytime! About this recipe Tomato sauce, regardless of origin, begins with fresh tomatoes and adds versatile flavors for global cuisine. Why make

mexican pickled jalapenos

Mexican pickled jalapenos (chiles en Vinagre)

Whenever I taste Mexican chiles en vinagre, pickled jalapeños, I’m always amazed by how they can instantly elevate the flavor profile of any dish they’re added to. With just a few slices of these tangy peppers, you can add a punch of heat and acidity that perfectly complements the other

Two jars of homemade pumpkin puree sitting on a table.

Easy Homemade pumpkin puree

I enjoy using pumpkin in my cooking for its unique flavor and nutritional benefits. This post provides an easy recipe to make homemade pumpkin puree. Why make homemade pumpkin puree? I confess this is my first time making pumpkin puree at home. It was surprisingly easy and I can’t believe

refried beans,instant pot refried beans

Instant Pot refried beans

Here’s an effortless recipe to prepare vegan, creamy, and delicious Mexican instant pot refried beans. In no time at all, you’ll be savoring refried beans! About this recipe Seeing my children’s excitement when they discover refried beans in the refrigerator is always a joy. They enjoy having taquitos, sopes, or

aroz white 37

Mexican White Rice

Although it may seem simple, the key to perfect white rice lies in the way you make it, the right amount of water, the right temperature, and the right cooking time. Mexican white rice is essential in Mexican cuisine and will serve as a base for many dishes or to

aquafaba whipped cream3

How to make whipped cream with aquafaba?

Whipped cream with aquafaba is a 100% vegetable alternative to traditional whipped cream and is very easy to make. This vegan whipped cream is perfect for finishing cakes, pies or even a nice cup of hot chocolate. About this recipe The aquafaba is the liquid that comes with the canned

scrambled tofu 15

How to prepare the perfect scrambled tofu

Vegans don’t eat eggs, but that doesn’t mean we have to deprive ourselves of scrambled egg taquitos, scrambled egg burritos, etc. I invite you to try this delicious option of scrambled tofu; it is wonderful. What is tofu and why is it good for you? Tofu, also known as soy

homemade apple sauce 13

homemade unsweetened apple sauce

Do you want to eat a healthy snack with a sweet and sour taste at the same time? If you are an apple fan, then this post is for you.

Want to add a sweet-sour flavor to your daily routine? Do you love apples and want to know how to prepare something delicious with them? No doubt cooking for apple lovers can be an enjoyable task, but what about what’s inside the kitchen?

This is where the applesauce comes in! If you’re looking for a healthy, tasty and simple recipe for a flavorful snack or afternoon snack, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will explore the health benefits of apples, as well as an easy recipe for making applesauce at home. Preparing your own applesauce will guarantee you a healthy and tasty meal every time you want it.

The health benefits of apples are plentiful and applesauce is a delicious way to make the most of them. Apples are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and can be prepared in many ways. In addition, pureed applesauce is a low-calorie, high nutrient snack, making it a healthy and satisfying dessert.

In this post, we will also explore how to make apple purée at home. We will tell you the ingredients you will need, the utensils and tools necessary to cook it, and the steps to follow.