zucchini grilled sandwiches

How to Upgrade Your Grilled Cheese: The Zucchini Edition

Sometimes preparing lunch can be challenging, but I have developed a few tricks and recipes, such as zucchini grilled sandwiches, that everyone adores and make me happy. About this recipe This delightful and nutritious spin on a traditional grilled cheese sandwich is a guaranteed hit with kids and parents alike.

gluten-free cauliflower banh-mi


I am thoroughly enjoying this cauliflower banh-mi sandwich. The combination of flavors and textures is incredibly satisfying, and it includes all my favorite tastes. The balance of sweet and salty is perfect, and there is a subtle spicy kick that lingers after each bite. About this recipe This is the

protein packed sandwich


This poblano-mushroom sandwich is vegan, GLUTEN-FREE and perfect for breakfast or lunch. This is my go-to sandwich when I know I have a pretty busy day. Believe it or not, this POBLANO-MUSHROOM sandwich is PACKED with vegan protein, and it is a complete flavor BOMB. I love to have it

sandwich de atún vegano

Perfect tuna-less sandwich

Never in my life, I thought that I would call these little garbanzo salad sliders, tuna-less sandwich. But when you try them this name will make perfect sense to you. These perfect tuna-less sandwiches are made with a very healthy and delicious garbanzo (chickpea) salad. The best part of this