corn chowder

Poblano Corn chowder, vegan recipe

This easy vegan poblano corn chowder combines poblano peppers, corn, potatoes, and seasonings. This poblano potato corn chowder is a dream; each spoonful is loaded with flavors and textures you will love. About this recipe This poblano corn chowder is one of my favorite soups ever. It is a hearty

creamy poblano soup

Creamy poblano soup with adobo Mexican crumbles

This recipe is for the best creamy poblano soup. This soup is silky, delicious, and topped with Adobo Mexican Crumbles croutons. This soup is filled with Mexican flavors, and it is perfect for any occasion, especially when it is cold outside or you want to impress friends and family with

Recipe for almost super healthy vegan frito pie.

Healthy vegan Frito pie

This healthy vegan Frito pie recipe is great for a game Sunday or when you have people in the house. Imagine Fritos covered in a vegan black bean chili and drizzled with vegan poblano crema. It’s Tex-Mex food with a Mexican twist. About this recipe Almost everything about this dish