Vegan spaghetti puttanesca (one pot)

I’m so excited to share this super easy, mouth-watering Vegan Spaghetti Puttanesca recipe made in just one pot. Yes, you read that right – only one pot to clean up after you’ve devoured this flavorful and satisfying meal. 😊 This dish is perfect for busy weeknights and great for those

Vegan asparagus and mushrooms Pasta

This recipe for vegan asparagus and mushroom pasta is a dreamy one-pan dish. It is a perfect recipe for a weekday or a romantic dinner. In addition to mushrooms and asparagus, this recipe includes pistachios, olives, and tomatoes. About this recipe The first time this recipe appeared on Ale Cooks

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

There can be nothing more delicious than a cold and crunchy salad during summer, right? This Mediterranean pasta salad is full of flavor, fresh and crisp textures. Overall, this pasta salad with a zesty lemon oregano dressing is perfect for a picnic or a meal in the garden. Why are

Mediterranean cauliflower salad

Madly in love with this Mediterranean cauliflower salad, it could also be called a healthy Mediterranean salad, vegan cauliflower salad, or raw cauliflower salad. Any way you want to call it, I’m pretty sure you are going to love it. Why will you love this raw cauliflower salad? Let me