easy bean celery salad

Easy bean celery salad

This easy bean celery salad is one of my favorite salads to eat for lunch or as a side dish for dinner. It is easy, delicious, and has fiber, protein, vitamins, and tons of flavor. This salad is a must at home when we have a pasta dish or pizza

farro salad

Farro salad with roasted cauliflower and romesco sauce

I’ve bet you heard a lot about farro if you are a superfood lover like me. Farro is one of the ancestral grains like freekeh and Kamut. It is a type of wheat, and hopefully, you will fall in love with it as I did when I first tried it.

Receta de ensalada de ejotes asados y alubias con aderezo de limón susper rica y bien fácil de hacer. (via piloncilloyvainilla.com)

Roasted Green Bean salad with navy beans and preserved lemons

For a simple healthy side dish with the perfect crunch, try this Roasted Green Bean Salad with Navy Beans and Preserved Lemons. It tastes great on its own or as a side dish with a tasty homemade entree. What Is It? The Roasted Green Bean Salad with Navy Beans and

autumn panzanella

Autumn salad

Love salads, yes that is why I have this autumn salad, with autumn produce. It is the best. And it is as delicious as the classic one. As always, I like to start my salads with a mix of greens. For this salad, I used mixed spring greens and broccoli

sandwich de atún vegano

Perfect tuna-less sandwich

Never in my life, I thought that I would call these little garbanzo salad sliders, tuna-less sandwich. But when you try them this name will make perfect sense to you. These perfect tuna-less sandwiches are made with a very healthy and delicious garbanzo (chickpea) salad. The best part of this

green salad

Green salad with hummus

In this green salad with hummus, you are going to get everything that the body needs to stay happy and healthy :)? I have some good and bad news for you. The good news first because it is always good to hear good news… this salad is the best thing

mediterranean hummus

Layered Mediterranean Hummus Platter from Pretty Simple Cooking

This recipe for Layered Mediterranean Hummus Platter is from Sonja y Alex’s new book Pretty Simple Cooking. I know I have told you a million times that I love cookbooks, I’m obsessed with them! I collect them; I read them at night before going to bed, I enjoy them so