Chickpeas in a bowl on a table.

The Versatility Of Chickpeas In Vegan Cooking

Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are an incredibly versatile legume that has become a staple in vegan cooking. Chickpeas can be transformed into a wide range of mouthwatering dishes with their mild flavor and creamy texture. From hearty stews and curries to crispy snacks and delectable desserts, these tiny legumes pack

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All about Baked sweet potatoes

I bake sweet potatoes each week after grocery shopping for their versatility—perfect for soups, baked dishes, or even ramen. About sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes have long been a staple in many cuisines worldwide. Not only are they delicious, but they also boast numerous health benefits and a wide range of

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What Is Prosecco? Prosecco is a popular Italian sparkling wine made primarily from the Glera grape variety. It is known for its refreshing, fruity, and floral flavors, making it an excellent choice for various occasions, from casual gatherings to celebrations. What Is the Difference Between Prosecco and Champagne? Prosecco and

flor de jamaica

Flor de jamaica, hibiscus flower

What is flor de jamaica, hibiscus flower? What is flor de jamaica in English? Hibiscus. Flor de Jamaica, also known as the hibiscus flower, is a plant species in the family Malvaceae. The flowers are typically red and have a distinctive, tart flavor used in various culinary and medicinal applications.


What is aquafaba?

The liquid remains after cooking the chickpeas or the liquid in which they are canned. Well, actually, it can be the liquid of any legume. It can be bean liquid, white bean liquid, etc. I use the liquid from the chickpeas; it is the easiest to store and the most

All about habanero Peppers

Habanero chiles are one of the spiciest peppers in the world. They are native to the Amazon basin, and their name comes from the city of La Habana, Cuba. Habanero chiles are used in many traditional dishes from Latin America, and their fiery flavor can add a unique twist to

Garlic, best way to cut it

Peeling and chopping garlic can be a lot of, forgive the pun, paperwork. However, there are ways to make it easier in your kitchen. Without further ado, let’s talk about a few of them! How to peel and chop garlic like a pro Peeling garlic can be tricky, as the

chile pasilla

Chile Pasilla Peppers

The pasilla pepper is a mild pepper typically used for cooking, particularly in Mexican dishes. They are so delicious in soups, sauces, and many more dishes; learn more about the pasilla pepper here. What are chiles pasillas? All chile pasillas start as fresh chilaca peppers grown and picked from the

chile guajillo

All about guajillo chiles (chile guajillo)

The guajillo pepper is named after its town of origin, Guadalajara. This chile has a mild, fruity red pepper flavor that is perfect for salsa or any other Mexican dish. They aren’t spicy in any way, but they are added to dishes thanks to their unique flavor profile in the

chile ancho

All about chile ancho

Ancho chiles are widely used in Mexican cuisine. The specific flavor balance within an ancho chili is a really unique combination of smoky, spicy, and sweet. What is an ancho chile? An ancho chile starts out its life as a poblano pepper. That’s the name of the fresh pepper that’s