Meal plan week #30

Hey, have you noticed that summer is quickly coming to an end? It’s crazy how fast time flies! For me, I’m excited to get back to my usual routine. How about you?

The only thing that saddens me a bit is that my children are going back to college, and it saddens me. But, well, I’m super proud of them. I’ll leave you a recipe that will be helpful for you this week.

vegan dragon fruit bowl

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

A dragon fruit smoothie bowl is a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack option.

How to make Mexican arroz Primavera

Arroz blanco mexicano, Mexican white rice, is a must-side dish in Mexican cuisine. Serve it with picadillo, vegan tinga tacos, or your no-chicken soup.This white rice is cooked to perfection, flavorful and fluffy every time. This is the recipe for vegan Mexican white rice; it has no chicken broth in it.

MANGO AGUA FRESCA, Mexican mango drink

We Mexicans use mango for everything!! We love it as a salad, as a ceviche, for paletas, in our guacamole and of course in agua fresca. Here is the recipe for mango agua fresca, a refreshing, vibrant and fun drink.

S’MORES Banana boats

S'mores Banana Boats combine the traditional gooey delight of s'mores with the natural sweetness of bananas in a vegan way. This fun and delicious campfire dessert that's perfect for your next outdoor adventure or backyard gathering. A perfect blend of crunchy graham crackers, melted chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, and ripe bananas, these treats will bring joy to any occasion.

pasta salad with lemon dressing 4

Homemade Lemon dressing

This dressing is made with healthy, low-calorie ingredients, and its mild citrus flavor makes it perfect for enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes.

pasta salad with lemon dressing 9 1

Pasta Salad with Lemon dressing

Pasta salad is one of those versatile and delicious dishes that cannot be missing from my table during the summer. This is one of the pasta salads that always looks good and is served as a side to a pizza, roasted vegetables or a good sandwich.

Hotcakes de avena

Hotcakes de avena en la licuadora

Con estos hotcakes de avena en la licuadora tú y tus hijos van a tener un desayuno de campeones todos los días. Estos hotcakes son fáciles de hacer, se pueden congelar y quedan deliciosos.

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