sopa de zanahoria detox

vegan CARROT ginger SOUP with apple and red lentils

This vegan carrot ginger soup with apples and red lentils is the perfect recipe for eating healthier, with cleaner and natural ingredients. It is so delicious and easy to prepare you’ll be impressed. Bonus point, you make it in the Instant Pot. About this recipe I believe we should include

vegan meatball sub


This is the best vegan meatball sub recipe -baked meatless meatballs bathed with a homemade Italian sauce and melted cheese on a French baguette. A dream! Ingredients for the beakes Vegan Meatballs Lentils. You will need at least two cups of cooked lentils for this recipe. Onion. Chop your onion

Mexican lentil soup

Mexican lentil soup, Sopa de lentejas

This recipe for Mexican lentil soup is an authentic Mexican recipe. It is a delicious, one-pot over stove recipe and straightforward to prepare. This vegan lentil soup is full of flavor and plant protein and is one of my kids’ favorites. About this recipe This lentil Soup is the perfect

Vegan lentil picadillo tacos

Mexican Vegan picadillo

Picadillo is a classic Mexican dish with ground beef and potatoes cooked in tomato sauce. It is the type of recipe that gets passed from generation to generation. Every family has its version; this vegan picadillo recipe is my home’s version and is made with lentils. What is picadillo? The

pastel de lenteja

vegan Lentil loaf with tomato glaze

This vegan lentil loaf with tomato glaze is one of my favorite comfort foods in my house. You could also call it vegan meatloaf. This recipe is full of flavor and is perfect for formal dinners, family meals, or any other occasion. Have you ever tried to make one yet?

loaded sweet potatoes

Healthy Mexican loaded sweet potatoes with lentils in salsa verde

This is one of my favorite recipes ever, healthy Mexican loaded sweet potatoes. Do you like sweet potatoes? I think nobody will argue with me that sweet potatoes are an amazing powerhouse of nutrients. Each bite we take fills us with vitamins, minerals and super good stuff for our body.

Thai basil lentils, vegan version of a delicious and classic Thai dish

Thai basil lentils

This recipe for Thai basil lentils is so easy and flavorful to prepare that I’m sure will be on your favorite “easy to make” meals list. I got the inspiration for this recipe, Thai basil lentils while having lunch with my husband at a Thai restaurant. I was enjoying a