vegan brownies

Almost flourless vegan brownies

These Almost flourless brownies are made with almond flour and walnuts. This brownie recipe is vegan and delicious. They are perfect like any other brownie, the edges toasted, crunchy. The chewy center is delicious and the top is golden and cracked like any other brownie. Almost flourless ? YES, you

avocado chocolate pudding,avocado chocolate pudding recipe,avocado chocolate pudding

Perfect vegan Avocado Chocolate Pudding

This dessert is perfect for the days you want something sweet, but you are on the “eating only healthy meals” train. This chocolate pudding is made with the perfect ingredients that nourish us and make us feel good, it is an avocado chocolate pudding. About this recipe Really, eating delicious

muffins with dark chocolate

Muffins with Dark chocolate chunks, almonds, and Maldon salt

If I close my eyes and imagine what would be my perfect combination of flavors, these muffins with dark chocolate, chopped almond, and flakey salt are on the list. Each bite of these muffins is perfect, between the crunch of the almonds, the lightly sweetened chocolate, and the perfect touch