Recipes to cook this week #16

Love summer and can’t wait for more sunny days! Here are some recipes that I am dying to cook and enjoy as soon as the sun comes out.

Vegan Bánh mì with tofu

Bánh-mì is an incredibly tasty Vietnamese sandwich. This vegan recipe is made with marinated tofu and a crisp vegetable salad. This sandwich is spicy, delicious, easy to prepare.

chelada 8

Chelada, super refreshing mexican drink


tostadas de ceviche vegano

Vegan Ceviche tostadas

This recipe for vegan ceviche tostada is amazing, very easy to prepare and it is filled with Mexican authentic flavors.

Vegan chocolate ice pops

Do you want a cool and refreshing treat for totally hot days? These vegan creamy chocolate popsicles are perfect for summer! They are made with coconut milk, cocoa, vanilla extract, sugar. Enjoy these tasty treats in the blink of an eye! They are very easy to do.

airfried green beans 13

Air Fryer green beans with crunchy lemony topping

Healthy and delicious air-fried beans with a crunchy, lemony, and garlicky topping are the perfect side dish that you can serve at any meal.

Receta de ensalada arcoiris super detox, fácil de hacer, super nutritiva y bien rica.

My favorite crunchy detox salad

Indulge in my favorite crunchy detox salad, packed with nutrient-rich greens, crunchy vegetables, and a sprinkle of nourishing seeds. The perfect blend of flavors and textures to support a healthy body and mind!

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