Recipes to cook this week #19

This week’s recipes consist of quick and easy summer dishes that energize and satisfy us.

vegan dragon fruit bowl

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

A dragon fruit smoothie bowl is a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack option.

Papas con chorizo, vegan recipe

Mexican papas con chorizo is a traditional Mexican dish made with potatoes and Mexican-style chorizo sausage, often flavored with spices and served as a breakfast or brunch dish.The dish is easy to make and can be customized to suit personal taste preferences.

spanakopita 3 of 5 680x1020

Spanakopita, filo and spinach rolls

Spanakopita is a traditional Greek dish that consists of a spinach and feta cheese pie wrapped in filo pastry, a thin and delicate pastry made from flour, water, and oil. This is the vegan version.

strawberry aperol 11

Strawberry Aperol Spritz

I recently tried a new recipe that puts a unique spin on the classic Aperol Spritz. It’s called the Strawberry Aperol Spritz and it’s quickly become one of my go-to summer cocktails.

italina salad 9

Everyday Italian salad

Looking for a delicious side dish to complement your pasta or elevate your home-cooked dinner? Look no further than this homemade Italian salad! Fans of Olive Garden’s signature salad will find a lot to love here.

Melon agua fresca, easy and refreshing

This melon agua fresca or agua de melon is one of my favorite Mexican agua frescas there is. It is flavorful, easy to make and always refreshing.

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