On the menu week 30

Recipes to cook this week, last of July, first of August. To tell you the truth, I have mixed feelings about this week. In a way, I am ready to send my kids back to school, but one part of me still needs a vacation. Here are some easy and delicious recipes to enjoy this week.

MONDAY, get ready for the rest of the week and prepare a huge jar of vegan pesto. Use it on sandwiches, pasta, or roasted veggies.

TUESDAY, perfect summer salad with peaches and avocado. A dream.

Wednesday, Mediterranean salad is always delicious, perfect, and super easy to make.

THURSDAY, now that we are at the end of summer cherry tomatoes are at their peak. Make this roasted cherry tomato condiment and use it as you with. It is so delicious, you’ll see.

FRIDAY, is the perfect day to enjoy good mango guacamole with chips.

Saturday, relax with a good, and very easy-to-make summer sangría.

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