On the menu week #29

Time flies when we’re having fun, and summer break is no exception. Let’s cherish every moment we have left and make the most of it. Here is the meal plan for this week.

Hibiscus tacos.

Hibiscus flower tacos (jamaica flower tacos)

Experience the culinary magic with our Hibiscus Tacos, where Mexican tradition meets floral sophistication. The sweet-tangy notes of hibiscus harmonize with classic taco fillings, offering a mouth-watering explosion of flavors. Taste this delightful fusion today!

A close up of a spicy cocktail.

Best Spicy Mezcal cocktail

This spicy Mezcal Cocktail is the perfect mix of smoky and sweet, with a little bit of spice to boot. Made with mezcal, lime juice, jalapeño simple syrup, and soda, it's sure to be your new favorite drink!

ensalada de verano con duraznos

Peach and avocado summer salad

This summer salad with peaches and avocado is delicious and perfect for hot days. It is super easy to make, and the best thing is that it is delicious with this vinaigrette or with any other.

Carrot juice with cucumber and apples

This recipe for carrot, cucumber and apple juice is so good and refreshing you could drink iit in the morning or in the afternoon as a pick me up.

Lime Sesame Dressing Recipe

This Asian inspired dressing is savory and nutty and pairs perfectly with any salad.

celery juice 18

Celery Juice: Discover its Properties and Benefits

Kickstart your day with a glass of celery juice! Discover how this ‘miracle juice’ can boost your health and give a new spin to your morning routine. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and how to prepare it at home! Why celery? You may be curious about why …


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