On the menu week #14

Spring is here! I love this time of year, the produce, the light, everything. Here are some fun, delicious, and healthy recipes to cook this week.

2. vegan carrot cake 17

Vegan Carrot cake with orange glaze

This vegan carrot cake is delicious and very easy to make. This recipe is moist, rich, dairy-free, and topped with a fresh, tangy orange glaze. You can bake it in a bundt or loaf pan or make it a cake.

Una ensalada de pasta con limón y chicharos.

Easy Spring pasta with peas and mint

This easy spring pasta with peas and mint in a vegan lemon butter sauce is a dream. This pasta is super easy to make and a total crowd-pleaser. Believe me, kids and adults will love it.

The best vegan potato salad

Best vegan potato salad with nO mayo

This is the only potato salad recipe you’ll need for picnics, potlucks, and any other occasion. This is the best vegan potato salad. It is flavorful, easy to prepare, and entirely plant-based.

Vegan Kale and Potato tacos

These kale and potato tacos are the perfect stew for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. This plant-based recipe is going to become a basic in your home, just like in mine. The potatoes and kale cooked in tomato sauce are perfect for serving in taquitos with avocado and sauce.

Carrot cake flavored vegan orange smoothie.

Carrot cake-flavored orange smoothie

This recipe for this orange smoothie is the best. Full of nutrients and flavor. It is just like a carrot cake-flavored smoothie.

sopa de poro y papa 3

Mexican Vegan potato leek soup

This Mexican vegan potato leek soup is on the menu in many Mexican homes, and when you try it, you'll see why. This Mexican leek potato soup is chunky, simple, satisfying, and easy to make.

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