On the menu #28

This week is about recipes that you will love and some of them are condiments that will make your life easier. They are very good, you will see.

MONDAY, simple vinaigrette. You make this vinaigrette on Monday, and you have vinaigrette to eat salads all week. It is delicious and very easy to make.

TUESDAY, salsa verde. This Mexican salsa verde recipe is for you to choose how to make it, raw or cooked. Hard to choose, both are delicious!

WEDNESDAY, prepare hibiscus water and save the flower so you can make hibiscus flower tacos, a delight.

THURSDAY, vegan rice pudding. This rice pudding recipe is a delight and is 100% dairy free.

FRIDAY, potato flutas. Corn tortilla stuffed with potato puree and served with vegan cream, Mexican salsa and sliced lettuce. OMG, the best.

SATURDAY, jalapeño margaritas. Prepared with or without tequila, but do not miss this recipe; it is very good.

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