Feelin’ like chips and salsa?

Do you get excited when a bowl of chips and salsa is served at a party? Then this roundup post is for you. Here are my best salsa recipes and a quick easy way to make homemade chips.

Air Fryer tortilla chips

These are Mexican-approved. Air fryer tortilla chips are a healthier alternative to traditional fried chips. They are made by spraying a thin layer of oil on the tortilla chips and then air frying them. This results in a crispy and tasty chip lower in fat and calories.

Authentic Mexican salsa verde recipe

This recipe for Mexican salsa verde is authentic, super easy to make and tastes great with everything. The combination of fresh ingredients and roasted ingredients makes it different from other classic recipes and delicious.

A hand is dipping chips into a bowl of Mexican food with red salsa.

Red salsa molcajeteada (salsa de molcajete)

This red salsa molcajeteada is one of the most delicious salsas to finish tacos, molletes, or any other Mexican dish.


This Mexican salsa verde, prepared in two ways, is the best salsa ever; it gives a burst of flavor and nutrition to everything you add it to. Make it fresh with raw tomatillos, onion, cilantro and serranos. Or cook all the ingredients and then blend.

Salsa verde cremosa

Esta receta de salsa verde cremosa con aguacate es la receta perfecta para comer con totopos, con quesadillas, sopes, flautas o hasta sola. Esta salsa verde con aguacate es muy rica y fácil de hacer.

2-ingredient easy Mexican salsa recipe

This is the easiest Mexican salsa recipe you will ever find; make it perfect, fresh homemade salsa Roja each time you crave it or your food needs an extra flavor kick.

Salsa picante de HABANERO y MANGO

¡Esta salsa de mango y habanero asado es el equilibrio perfecto entre dulce y picante! Los habaneros le dan un toque agradable, mientras que el mango agrega una dulzura que le quita el toque especiado.

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